Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Uni makeup essentials for a girl on a budget . (drug store guide ) 

hello beauties  ! welcome back to my blog . I wanted to start by thanking each and every one of you for all your amazing support , because it is what keeps me going !  

today we will be discussing the makeup essentials that any girl can possibly need for university . However , its going to be for a girl that is on a budget but still wants to look cute , because who said we can't slay on a budget ? 

i will be talking about these products in the order that i apply them to my face because its more helpful that way ! 


 So we start with a face primer for this i find the max and more face illuminating primer the best it is cheap but gets the job done ! Their is also the baby skin by maybeline one of my all time favorite primers ! 

now we need to even out the canvas i like to go with a BB cream because its light and suitable for uni the one  i live for is the anti blemish bb cream by flormar ! 
if you feel like you need more coverage the maybeline super stay 24 hr foundation is a game changer especially if you have oily skin ! 

For concealer which is my favorite step! 
  • WYCON liquid conclear covers everything without being super heavy and blends out very easily . 
  • Flormar stick conclear its great for areas that u don't need a lot of coverage 
For cream contour i love my max and more contour stick for that , NYX also makes one but i didn't try that one yet . However , i have heard amazing reviews about it .

For compact powder : 
  • Maybeline dream mat powder 
  • kiko milano mat fusion powder 

For bronzer so that we look extra cute !
  • max factor bronzer 
  • h&m bronzer solar flare powder in natural bronze 

I personally do not like wearing blush , but if you are someone that does don't worry i have got u covered .
  • Fashion makeup mosaic blush 
  • dali blushes they have a great selection of colors if you want  a pallete that has it all blush , bronzer and highlighter then the master bronze pallete by maybeline is the best !  


so to prime the eyelids you have 2 options 

  • same flormar stick concelear 
  • kiko pearly eye base 
For eyeshadow: 
  • WYCON power refill single eye shadows they have a great selection of colors and they are extremely pigmented and easy to blend . 
  • Samoa single eye shadows 
  • loreal la palette nude in beige flormar eye quads especially the one in taste of chocolates 
  • elf mini black book warm edition 
  • maybeline color tattoo 

Eye pencils : 
  • Yves rocher eye pencils 
  • max and more eye liners 
  • WYCON star dust eye liner 
 Liquid eye liner 
  • dali eyeliner 
  • kiko eyeliner in black 
Mascara which can take your makeup look to the next level 
  • any max and more mascara is great 
  • loreal super star mascara
  • maybeline express lash lift 
  • kiko extra sculpt volume mascara 
  • WYCON diva mascara 


any lip liner by WYCON they have a lot of colors to chose from 

        h&m lipsticks 
        dali lipsticks 
        wycon liquid lipsticks 
( i didn't specify any shades because it depends on your personal preference) 

  • sephora collection ultra shine lip gloss shade 15 
  • max and more fluid lips 
  • h&m lip gloss 


NYX brow gel in shade espresso 

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